Seamans & Associates LLC is a management consulting firm whose mission is to help strengthen organizations by implementing the HEM. The High Efficiency Model (HEM) buffers your organization from external mayhem by creating a trusted environment where high-efficiency people and processes are the norm.

Our goal is to find and fix what is broken, offering comprehensive solutions for chaotic times. From providing advice to the manager of a single department, to advising management and stakeholders of under-performing or financially distressed banks/businesses, we help clients leverage financial and human capital to improve bottom-line performance. Performance optimization, business structure optimization, organizational leadership, and process improvement… we are your resource for tools, knowledge, and action for growing a more sustainable business model. We go beyond guidance and planning into all aspects of execution to ensure the successful deployment of the HEM. Our on-site consultants work with you to fully leverage our joint expertise to realize the vision and full potential of your organization… creating a true partnership for success.

Seamans… Producing client and employee loyalty while increasing bottom-line results. Let us help you make every second count!

Why Choose Us

  • We have the “time”, talent, and laser focus to dedicate to change!
  • We help companies achieve the new definition of success-operating at optimal efficiency: generating the greatest amount of revenue possible while maintaining the highest level of client and employee loyalty.
  • We provide the tools to promote and cultivate employee exceptionalism, creating a competitive advantage.
  • We implement a model that naturally reduces waste as passionate people perform at optimal efficiency because they want to.


Each one of us has something that spurs us past normal limits… let us help you find that “something” in your employees, nurture it, and you too will win.

Creative Leadership

If businesses are going to survive and thrive, they must embed a commitment to efficiency into the very soul of the company. Exceptional products and processes flow from the ideas and efforts of exceptional people operating in a trusted environment. Pride, Passion, Propensity, and Preparedness deliver consistent results.

  1. Ensure a ROI know the Personal Efficiency Ratio (PER) of every employee.
  2. Eliminate internal/external trust barriers-ensure employee exceptionalism.
  3. Powerful First Impressions (FI) eliminate excess steps in the sales cycle.
  4. Well-defined production drivers drive production.
  5. Where there is “harnessed” passion there will be profit.
  6. The human spirit is a powerful thing…understand it, cultivate it, respect it, and WIN with it.
  7. Knowledge in itself serves no purpose, knowing what to do with what we know and doing it brings the results.
  8. Commit to making every second count!