Capitalizing on Human Capital

Human Capital Management (HCM) is at the very core of the High Efficiency Model (HEM)! Remove the barriers to information and work flow to speed your ROI on every new hire. We can work with you to design and implement a solid HCM program – Benefits, Payroll, HR Systems, SOX Compliance, and Budget Management

Well-defined production drivers + passion + high propensity = optimal efficiency = desired results. Have you provided your employees with a clear set of “production drivers”? Are your employees passionate about what they do; are they passionate about what their clients do/desire? Do your key employees possess a high propensity to see the next step in the solution process? Has your organization created an environment for all employees to operate at optimal efficiency? If the answer is no…we can help!

Hiring – Establish processes/procedures for hiring, including mandated time frames for managers to fill open positions.

HR Systems –  Implementations/Conversions, Mergers/Acquisitions

Testing – Testing is a critical step in identifying whether a potential key employee has a natural propensity for success, and for making sound decisions more quickly. Their propensity and/or aptitude for success is discovered via a simple test of cognitive reasoning ability.

On-boarding – The employee on-boarding process should be a robust acclimation process that removes the barriers of information and work flow to speed the ROI of your newly hired asset.

Educating – Learning Events (LE)– Every employee, but especially those in key “client-facing” or leadership roles, should be expected to engage in, and be accountable for, weekly LE. A Learning Event can be a client or industry research project, an online course within their area of expertise or an area that they wish to advance to, an industry/professional conference, or a brainstorming session with peers.

Certifying – Certifying employees at various levels of achievement/responsibility will aid you in identifying next-step career advancement as well as ensure efficiencies in all critical processes. The design of a certification process should be a collective effort of the Division Head, the Direct Manager, HR, and the Training Department.

Retaining & Enriching – Employee retention is obtained via employee enrichment. Investing and growing talent demonstrates a company’s care and concern for their employees. There must be managers and a process in place to identify and nurture next generation leaders.