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Selling Epiphanies August 6, 2012 – Where Is Davelyn?

Selling Epiphanies

Volume 1, Issue 21 August 6, 2012

Where Is Davelyn?

Frank and I invited some friends to join us at our favorite lunch spot after church today… it is an interesting place. We first visited it out of pure curiosity. Cullen’s looks like a huge Vegas restaurant/casino in the middle of nowhere. The inside reminds you of being on a cruise… very posh with lots of fun venues, lots of gourmet food, and incredible service.

Davelyn has become our waitress of choice, she is unbelievable! (I would like to hook her up with our oldest son… you know, the Marine). She calls us by name, and has our extra, extra strong French-press coffee ready to serve when she greets us (I think the hostess lets her know the Seamans our coming). Today, much to our disappointment, Davelyn’s section was full and we were attended by Zackery… it wasn’t the same. He tried hard, but delayed food, delayed coffee, and delayed service, dampened our experience. Frank said he was like an actor playing the part of a waiter.

The message is clear… poor service can cost you business! You might have a great setting, and great products, but if it isn’t delivered with great service you might not get a second chance. Fortunately for Cullen’s we have been served by Davelyn for months, and will go back next Sunday, but if today had been our first experience… who knows.

I think I’ll ask Davelyn for her phone number… my son is still single.


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