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Selling Epiphanies May 28, 2012 – Hospital Madness

Selling Epiphanies

Volume 1, Issue 11 May 28, 2012

Hospital Madness

My selling epiphany came on a more serious note this week. My son, Frank Jr., who is a two-year survivor of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, had an event that dictated a hospital stay, so I traveled to Dallas with the expectation of spending 4 – 5 days at his bedside. The procedure was Thursday, and by Saturday he was demanding to be released against the doctor’s advice. You see, his treatment (service) had been so horrifically bad that he just said, “I’ve had it!” The list of issues was long. The doctor signed the order and I took him home and made him comfortable… all is well by the way.

The epiphany… no matter how great the need, if your service stinks the customer will leave! If you think you have them tied to you with 100 sticky products (an IV is pretty sticky), think again. There is a limit to what a person can take. You can have the best sales team going, but if your service team doesn’t back them up, it won’t matter. Exceptionalism starts and ends with every employee!

On a lighter note, to my friends in Fresno, I will be in your fair city next Monday… what sweet memories I have of running up and down the band field on the Fresno State campus playing ultimate Frisbee.


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