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Selling Epiphanies April 2, 2012 – Sunday Morning

Selling Epiphanies

Volume 1, Issue 3 April 2, 2012

“Getting to Your Goals” was the title of the Sunday morning sermon at my church. Although this is not the venue for reiterating the sermon, I thought it appropriate to relay some points of relevance.

Ask yourself this question, “Can your personal, relational, financial, and vocational goals be reached by _________?” There was a list of 15 phrases to fill in the blank with. I was feeling pretty good until I heard it, wasteful  depletion of one’s own resources. It sounds pretty bad…and I was guilty! Resources can be your talents, knowledge, assets, or time. So fill in the blank.

Can your goals be reached by the things you are depleting your resources on? I have to say no. There are instances when my time is depleted on useless activities, such as watching television…but no longer! My time and talent will be used to reach all of my goals. How about you?

It seems to me that most of us have a problem with not having enough time and the time we do have, well let me just say that maybe it is time to evaluate how we are spending it.


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