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Business Brief July 30, 2012

Selling Epiphanies

Volume 1, Issue 20 July 30, 2012

Cupcake Anyone?

I don’t know about you, but I am a bit enamored with the cupcake craze. Who would have thought these delectable little “mini” cakes would have created a new industry segment. So what contributes to this success? Cupcake shops are the new “Starbucks”… they do more than indulge your sweet tooth, they indulge your ”happiness”. The colors, the flavors, the smell, the smiles… see what I mean, you feel better just thinking about it. Cupcake makers everywhere are making millions running happiness stores!

What if you could create an atmosphere that indulged your client’s well being, and made them smile when they thought of you… would you do it? If you satisfy a deep need (desire) that promotes well being, and provokes a smile, your customers will be back for more. Of course your product has to satisfy a need, but most of your competitors do that. You have to feed the senses as well. Your branches, shops, stores, whatever you call them, should be an enticing environment that evokes and stimulates pleasant emotions. Who wants to walk into a dreary store with frowning employees… no one! Add a little spice, a little color, a little “brand” stimulation to your superior products and you will be making millions. Of course having a few cupcakes on hand wouldn’t hurt.

As for me, I am going into the cupcake business – Carrot Cream Cheese, Apple Cinnamon Maple, Chocolate Hazelnut Mocha, and Lemon Raspberry Cream… Abendigo’s Signature Cupcakes! Local Delivery in Houston, but who knows where it might lead. Call me, I’ll add the happiness. Who said a consultant had to be dull… Cupcake anyone?


Resources… building on exceptionalism


Respect and trust are secrets to  staff-building Susan Pye, president of Pye Legal Group,  left her full-time job because her company had been sold, and she didn’t want to  work for a mega-staffing company. Part of the passion that drove her, as  it turned out, was taking the skills she had and creating something unique. “We wanted to create an environment that everybody felt like they could  do what they do, which is recruiting, but also that they could work as a team  and work in a place where they didn’t come to work feeling a pit in their  stomach every day.” Noting the nods of understanding from her audience,  she added, “I’m sure everyone has felt that in a work environment.” A  toxic work atmosphere is something most entrepreneurs remember – and were happy  to escape. Unfortunately, she said, the recruiting industry in general tends to  lend itself to such environments. She described it as an “eat-what-you-kill  situation.” “That’s not what I wanted,” said Pye, who defied tradition by  doing away with noncompetes, legal agreements many of her competitors  use. “People are there because they want to be,” she said, “not because  they are legally bound to stay at our company for whatever reason.” For  Sue Burnett, founder and president of Burnett Staffing Specialists, one of her  keys to success is a simple one – but one that countless employers simply do not  follow. “It is important to treat your staff the way you would want to be  treated,” she said. “If you do that, and you really care about them and  treat them as family, then they will care about you.”

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Knowledge Sharing… having an edge

The first and primary step in developing a HEM is changing the corporate mind-set from being “client-centered” to being “employee-centered”. I know this goes against the grain of all that is holy in the business world, but again, I say that if an organization promotes employee exceptionalism and wins employee loyaltyfirst, client loyalty will follow. Exceptional products and processes flow from the ideas and efforts of exceptional people operating in a trusted environment. (Chapter 3)

“Knowledge in itself serves no purpose; knowing what to do with what we know and doing it brings the result.” L.Seamans

In The News

Website grades banks on small business lending prowess 

Houston Business Journal

by Collin Eaton, Reporter                                 Date: Friday, July 27, 2012, 5:00am CDT

The rhetorical tug-of-war between banks and small businesses is as strenuous as ever. Banks say there’s little demand for loans, or that a good loan is hard to find. Small businesses say they can’t find a bank willing to lend to them. Money is flowing between Houston banks and small businesses — albeit, slowly — while in many other parts of the country, lending is even tighter. Still, I often hear small businesses in the area complain that banks are more tightly wound in general, while bankers say regulators are pushing them to be just that. Now, a small business financial advisory firm wants to draw a numerical line in the sand. Broad Axe, Penn.-based MultiFunding LLC is trying to break…

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