Culture Shift

How do you measure trust? Knowing and addressing internal/external trust barriers is a must. Too often distrust among job families and lines of business prevent the free flow of information and collaboration within the organization. Breaking this disruption in information flow has been a challenge for most institutions… we can help! Shifting to a “Trust Culture” takes intense focus and attention. Let us help you tear down silos and open the lines of communication.

The number of “received” referrals and repeat business is a good indicator of how much your employees are trusted within the organization, and within the marketplace. The Personal Trust Ratio (PTR) is a snap-shot tool for measuring and rewarding trusted employees.

Individual exceptionalism establishes mutual respect, and mutual respect cultivates trust.

Knowledge Sharing – Knowledge sharing is one key way to perpetuate individual exceptionalism. To ensure the sharing of knowledge across your organization, you should set a standard that all divisional monthly team meetings designate an hour on the agenda for an employee to make an informative presentation on an appropriate topic. There are many other ways to perpetuate knowledge sharing… let us share them with you.