High Impact Sales Training

First Impressions (FI) is a trademark sales training that promotes the elimination of excess steps in the overall process of client acquisition/deal closure. It emphasizes the significance of the first impression the employee makes on the client by demonstrating a profound knowledge of the client, and the “client’s client”, passionately engaging the client on relevant issues at the initial meeting. A critical component of First Impressions is to demonstrate how knowing individual, business, and industry information can turn the tide in your favor right from the start. Participants learn unique processes and questions to “grab” the interest and attention of their audience to advance the conversation and the sales process along quickly. First ImpressionsDelivering Results Sooner!

Loyalty Selling (LS) is designed for the “first-touch” employee. LS inspires employees to ask the right questions, capture the right information, and act out of concern for the client. It is a two-day enrichment experience that will stimulate employee engagement.